Why daytime running lights don't cut it during bad weather

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Why daytime running lights don't cut it during bad weather
By: Luke Shaff ~ 12/8/2022


Automatic headlights are undoubtedly one of the more popular conveniences among vehicles. Up until the 90s, a dark dashboard was a key indicator for a driver that their headlights were not on. But newer vehicles now have dash backlighting at all times-- meaning drivers lost awareness if they were visible to other motorists. However, the feature can be problematic during weather with poor visibility conditions.

During the daylight hours, automatic lights trigger your daytime running lights or DRLs. Unlike headlights, they are not intended to illuminate the road, they only make your vehicle more visible to oncoming drivers. However, this automatic feature does not have any rear marker lights.

During poor visibility conditions, it is vital drivers turn on their manual lights to activate their taillights. This action will make you visible to vehicles behind you, and could potentially prevent a rear-end collision.

Drivers that do turn on headlights manually, need to also turn them off manually, or it will drain the vehicle’s battery.