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About Luke Shaff & Luke's Automotive Repair Shop!

Luke has over 50 years of experience in automotive repair industry, with over 35 years on the eastside alone.  Luke's specialties are electrical, diagnostics, especially the strange and unique. Luke started working with cars in his father's shop in Anchorage, AK in 1974.  Since then, Luke's skills have grown from working on the old carbureted motors to today's completely computer controlled vehicles.

Picture this, if you will...

When Luke started his career in 1974, he had a hand carried tool box with $100 in used Craftsman tools. Today, Luke has more than $175,000 in hand tools and diagnostic equipment. Luke has dedicated himself to keeping up with the latest updates in his field as well as consistently offering superior service for his loyal customers.

Jan_LukesAutomotiveRedmond2017_s.jpgBehind the Man...

Jan, the other half of Luke!  She is an intrigal part of keeping Luke in line and the shop running smoothly.  Many of you that have brought your car here have chatted with Jan as she is the friendly voice on the other end of the phone.

Luke's personal belief is -

"I look at and repair your vehicle as if it is my own mother's"  With loving memory to Catherine Rose. 1940-1996