A candle can keep you alive in a stranded car out in the cold

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A candle can keep you alive in a stranded car out in the cold
By: Luke Shaff ~ 2/2/2023


Found this article on Reddit about having a candle in your emergency kit is a good idea.
Thought we would share it!

Here in Buffalo we get bad storms that sometimes leave people stranded in their cars. Even with blankets once the car dies you’re going to get cold. All you need to keep your body alive is a candle! Once you run outta gas you need to crack one of the windows ever so slightly and light your candle. The warmth from the flame won’t make you toasty but it will keep the cabin from getting to a point at which you could freeze. Obviously you should have blankets/gloves/water as well but most people I know don’t know about the candle, and you never know what just might save your life.

Edit: you will obviously need a match or lighter to light said candle

Caitlyn: https://www.reddit.com/r/LifeProTips/comments/pqm83x/lpt_a_candle_will_keep_you_alive_in_a_stranded/ 

Mirror, Mirror (Door Mirror Problems)
By: Luke Shaff ~ 1/26/2023

BLOGPOST_MirrosA11222019.jpgYou've probably seen them lying around at the side of the road: someone's outside rearview mirror that's been knocked off by a driver’s not-so-perfect driving. And you realize the person who owns that vehicle now has lost an important safety feature. Having functional mirrors enhances your safety and that of drivers around you.

You probably don't think too much about your mirrors, so now it's time to "reflect" on some signs that yours may have problems. The most obvious one is broken mirror glass. Whether caused by an accident or vandalism, a cracked outside rearview mirror reduces your ability to see your blind spots. In these cases, you may only have to have the glass replaced. Driving blind (without a mirror) can cause serious accidents. Don't put this off.

Another issue is an outside mirror that can't easily be adjusted. Many newer vehicles have power mirrors. They're super convenient when they work but a real pain to adjust when they don't. There can be many things that break the adjustment mechanism: a switch can break, the power supply to the motor can go bad, a motor might fail. In those with manual mechanical adjustments, sometimes the linkage to an inside control can become corroded, frozen, or simply break. Sometimes it's stuck in a locked position, but it can also become so loose in its frame that it won't stay adjusted at all.

BLOGPOST_MirrosB11222019.jpgIf the mirror will hold its position, a driver can often make an adjustment (with difficulty) by putting down the window and manually pushing the mirror into place. The problem comes when the mirror slips, or a different person drives the vehicle, and the mirror is in the wrong spot. This can be as unsafe as a broken mirror.

If you live where the weather gets cold enough to fog or ice your outside mirrors, you know how helpful mirror heaters can be. But these, too, can break, either by a broken switch, electrical supply, or heater. You can be driving blind if these heaters aren't working.

Outside rearview mirrors are something good drivers depend on to safely operate their vehicles. The designers took great care to make sure they are easily adjustable and provide the driver with vital traffic position information. If you are having problems with your door mirrors, head over to your NAPA AutoCare Center and get them repaired. If it helps you avoid a major accident or even a tiny fender bender, the price will be well worth it.

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