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Are You a Car Guru? Test Your Automotive IQ!
By: Luke Shaff ~ 9/21/2023


Put your automotive knowledge to the test with our fun car quiz! Whether you're a seasoned driver or just starting out, this quiz is designed to test your knowledge on cars and driving. Buckle up and let's get started!


What is the world’s best-selling car of all time?

  1. Ford Model T
  2. Volkswagen Beetle
  3. Toyota Corolla
  4. Honda Civic

Toyota Corolla (50 Million+ units sold by 2021) Since its debut in 1966, the legendary Toyota Corolla has been destined for greatness and has sold over 50 million units through 12 generations.

Which car manufacturer has a logo that features four interlocked rings?

  1. Audi
  2. BMW
  3. Mercedes-Benz
  4. Toyota

That's when, in 1932, the four companies Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer joined together to form Auto Union AG, which would later become AUDI AG. And the company needed a new logo. The four interlocking rings were born.

What does the term “horsepower” originally refer to?

  1. The power of ten horses
  2. The power output of a particular engine
  3. The power one horse could exert
  4. A marketing term with no real meaning

Watt devised a test using a mine pony to measure the amount of work that could be performed. Watt found that the mine pony could perform around 22,000 pound-feet of work in a minute. After some calculation, he decided a full-size horse would perform around 33,000 pound-feet of work, birthing the term horsepower.

Which car was famously known as the vehicle of choice for fictional spy James Bond in several films?

  1. Ferrari 250 GT
  2. Aston Martin DB5
  3. Porsche 911
  4. Maserati Quattroporte

After Goldfinger, the Aston Martin DB5 became closely associated with the James Bond franchise. The same car (registration BMT 216A) was used again in the next film, Thunderball, a year later.

In which country did the car brand “Hyundai” originate?

  1. Japan
  2. South Korea
  3. China
  4. India

The Hyundai Motor Company is, in fact, a Korean manufactured vehicle that is making gigantic gains and receiving growing international popularity in the automotive industry

What does SUV stand for?

  1. Safety Utility Vehicle
  2. Sports Utility Vehicle
  3. Speedy Urban Vehicle
  4. Superior Unleaded Vehicle

Sport utility vehicle

Which car brand has a model named after a type of sword?

  1. Toyota
  2. Lamborghini
  3. Oldsmobile
  4. Ford

At its introduction, the Cutlass was Oldsmobile's entry-level model; it began as a unibody compact car, but saw its greatest success as a body-on-frame intermediate. The Cutlass was named after Vought F7U Cutlass, as well as the type of sword, which was common during the Age of Sail.

What is the primary function of a car's radiator?

  1. To cool the engine
  2. To warm up the engine
  3. To filter the oil
  4. To assist in fuel injection

In the simplest terms, the radiator is the central component of a vehicle's cooling system. Its primary function is to monitor and regulate a vehicle engine's temperature and prevent it from overheating.

What famous automotive figure said: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”?

  1. Enzo Ferrari
  2. Karl Benz
  3. Henry Ford
  4. Ferdinand Porsche

Henry Ford was one of the world's great innovators and a quotable gentleman at that, particularly in the realms of business and innovation. Perhaps the most famous quote attributed to Ford is this: "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses."

What was the first car to break the sound barrier?

  1. ThrustSSC
  2. Bloodhound SSC
  3. Bugatti Veyron
  4. McLaren Speedtail

ThrustSSC is a British-designed and built World Land Speed Record car. ThrustSSC holds the current World Land Speed Record which was set on October 15, 1997, by accomplishing a speed of 763 mph. By doing so, the supersonic car became the first land vehicle to officially break the sound barrier.

Thank you for taking our car guru quiz! How did you do? Are you a car novice, a car enthusiast, or a bona fide car guru? Share your results on our Facebook page and challenge your friends to beat your score!


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Car Fluids Unveiled: The Unsung Heroes of Your Vehicle's Lifespan
By: Luke Shaff ~ 9/14/2023


Imagine you're on a long, winding road trip. The sun is setting, painting the sky with hues of orange and pink. Suddenly, your car starts making a strange noise. Your heart sinks as you pull over, miles away from the nearest town. You pop the hood and are greeted by a maze of metal and wires. You wish you knew more about what's under there, specifically about those mysterious car fluids.

Well, today is your lucky day! Let's dive into the world of car fluids, those unsung heroes of your vehicle's lifespan.

Car fluids are like the bloodline of your vehicle. They lubricate, cool, clean, and protect the many intricate parts of your car. Understanding them is not just for auto mechanics; it's essential knowledge for every car owner.

First, let's talk about engine oil, the lifeblood of your car. It lubricates the engine, reducing friction and preventing overheating. Most mechanics, including myself, recommend checking it monthly and changing it every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, depending on your vehicle and oil type.

Next, we have the transmission fluid. This red or green fluid is responsible for shifting gears smoothly. If it's low or dirty, you might experience trouble shifting gears or hear a grinding noise. Check it monthly and change it every 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

Coolant, or antifreeze, is another critical fluid. It keeps your engine from overheating in the summer and freezing in the winter. Check it twice a year, before summer and winter, and change it every 2-3 years.

Brake fluid is vital for your safety. It transfers the force of your foot on the brake pedal to the brakes themselves. If it's low or dirty, your brakes might not work properly. Check it every time you change your oil and replace it every 2 years.

Last but not least, power steering fluid helps you turn your car with ease. If it's low, steering might become difficult. Check it twice a year and replace it every 3 years.

Understanding car fluids and their maintenance is the secret to extending your vehicle's lifespan and ensuring a smooth, safe ride.

Remember, your car takes care of you, it's time you take care of it. So, make it a habit to check and change your car fluids regularly. If you're unsure, give us a call. We're here to help! 425-885-4333