First Day of Fall

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First Day of Fall
By: Luke Shaff ~ 9/17/2020

The first day of fall is on Tuesday, September 22nd! Just like the summer time in the Pacific Northwest, you will need to get your car ready for the fall weather. Here are some tips on how to move your car from summer weather to fall weather!

  • Clean out your car and get one last carwash. It might seem silly at first but have a fresh start, with a fresh season after this year might make you feel just a little better!
  • You have checked your AC for the summer, but now it is time to check your heater before the colder weather arrives BLOGPOST_Fall.jpg
  • Also, like the summertime heat can damage your hoses and belts, but so can the cold. Now would be a great time to recheck to make sure that none of them are damaged
  • If you do not have rubber mats in your car it might want to consider getting them. As the leaves fall on the ground they will get in your car and you will have to clean out your car more than you may want to be
  • Double check all of your lights (tail lights, head lights, fog lights, brights…etc). As fall arrives and day light savings comes, it will start getting darker and you will want to ensure that all those lights are working to be able to be seen better on the road
  • Check the condition of your battery. It might not need to be replaced since you last checked it at the beginning of summer, but you will just want to be sure you know what state it is in
  • Think about start getting a winter kit available in your car. Start getting it ready now, so when winter does come around you are not scavenging around last minute when winter does hit.

As you start going back to work and back to normal activities, keeping your car up to date is super important. If you have not driven your car much over the last few months, make sure to check these things before going a long distance. Do not forget to find some fun fall activities to enjoy like apple picking! Happy Fall!!