5 Bad Driving Habits That You Can Avoid

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5 Bad Driving Habits That You Can Avoid
By: Luke Shaff ~ 7/16/2020

Everyone who has a driver’s license goes through driving school and takes a test to get their license.  Most people are more cautious the first few years of driving, but then seem relax, and short cut driving laws and rules because they do not get caught every time.  We tend to remember all of the main ‘rules’ (stop at a red light, look before turning, putting on your seatbelt…etc).  There are five bad driving habits that you can avoid to not only help you be a better driver, but also support those around you to be more aware as well.

1. Changing lanes without signaling

This is important when it comes to those who are driving near you.  Signaling indicates what you are going to do next and can help people around you determine their next move as well.  This is one of the most dangerous mistakes someone can make.  Half of drivers do not signal when changing lanes and 25% do not signal when making a turn.

2. “Riding the Brakes”

This is a common term known for staying on your break pedal while driving.  There are a couple reasons why this is unsafe for you and the others around you.  Riding your breaks is not good for your car.  It wears the brake pads down quicker and can damage your car.  Also, when riding your breaks on the freeway it could mean that you are going slower than other people, and if they are going faster and do not anticipate you are riding the break, it could cause an accident.

3. Tailgating

Tailgating is a situation where the car behind is fails to leave enough space between their car and the car in front of them.  You can BLOGPOST_ChangeS.jpgavoid tailgating by pressing on your brakes two to three times so the person behind you knows you are going to be slowing down more.  Twenty three percent of all car crashes have been a result of a rear-end accident.  Only eleven percent have plead guilty of tailgating, being the cause of the accident. 

4. Running a yellow or red light

Most people have been guilty of doing this.  We all have that one light in town where we know if we get stopped, we will be there for ten minutes while the light cycles through.  Speeding through a red light is illegal and a lot of traffic intersections now have cameras that tag you and send you a ticket for running the light.  Yellow lights have always been different, as some people think it is okay to speed up and some people know that you are to slow down.  Some yellow lights are longer than others, and this can cause really bad collisions if you think you have enough time, but the other light turns green before you make it through the intersection.

5. Using your cell phone while driving

This is one of the most important things while driving that we know we must avoid, but we choose not to because we think we can do it.  It is very imperative to tell the caller that you are driving, so you can end or ignore the call.  A great compromise is to get blue tooth in your car that is all voice activated so you are not holding or paying attention to the phone itself.  Either way having your phone in the car can still lead to distracted driving, which can cause.  Avoid accidents or mistakes by putting your phone on silent, or setting up an automatic email or message that says you are driving and will get back to them as soon as possible.

Each of these ‘bad habits’ can be changed with some small alterations and can better improve not only your driving, but can also help keep those around you safer as well.