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Covid Car Care
By: Luke Shaff ~ 6/4/2020

Protect Your Car During COVID19
Not driving your car as much during the past three months? Don’t neglect your car maintenance! Problems with the battery, fuel and tires can occur when your car sits unused longer than usual.

Here are a few tips to avoid problems with your car:

BLOGPOST_CovidCarCare06042020A.jpgTake a Drive
Drive your car, don’t just let it sit. Idling in your driveway isn’t enough. We recommend driving your car fast, and long enough to charge up the battery and get the car’s fluids up to full temperature. A twenty-minute drive is generally enough time. If you can take your car for a spin on the freeway, that is great! Don’t forget to run your air conditioner for a few minutes during your drive.

Get Gas
Gasoline does have a shelf life. When was the last time you got gas? If it has been a while, you may want to consider adding a fuel stabilizer to your gas tank. Fuel stabilizers won’t fix gas that has already gone bad – so adding fuel stabilizer and filling up your tank is a good way to go.

BLOGPOST_CovidCarCare06042020B.jpgCheck Your Tires
Cars that sit undriven for too long may develop flat spots on the tires. If you can’t take your car for a twenty-minute drive, just moving it forward or backward in the driveway will help. Also – don’t forget to double check your tire pressure. You can find the manufacturer’s recommendation for tire pressure on the door jam of the driver’s door, or in the owner’s manual.

Wash Your Car
Even though the local car wash may not yet be open, it is important to wash your car. Pollen, dust, bird poop and other things link tree sap can accumulate on an undriven car. Be sure to wash your car on the next sunny day!

Call Luke
As always, the team at Luke’s is available to help you get your car ready, as our world begins to slowly open back up. If your car has been sitting for a while, it’s time for an oil change. Luke would love to do an oil change and check up on your car – give him a call today!