Happy Valentine`s Day to you - Giving some Love

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Happy Valentine`s Day to you - Giving some Love
By: Luke Shaff ~ 2/13/2020


Your car is happy to skip the flowers, balloons and chocolates, and will accept the love in the form of basic services. Preventative maintenance is the best way to keep your car running well.

Some preventative maintenance tips include:

  • Oil Changes and Filters every 3000 miles or 3000 months. This is important to keep your engine clean on the inside
  • Tire pressure checks every month – don’t forget the spare tire. Tires affect how the car rides, handles, its traction and safety.
  • Windshield wipers and lights inspection every month. Wipers and lights are critically important … especial in the Pacific Northwest during the dark, long rainy winter days.
  • Wheel alignment checked each year. Rough roads, potholes and normal wear and tear bump the steering and suspension. Keeping your alignment straight helps reduce the tire wear, improves your gas mileage and improves overall safety of your car.
  • Tune-ups each year. A tune-up helps to optimize your overall car performance. Fine tuned engines balance power and fuel economy. Not to mention lowers emissions, so it’s good for the environment too!

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