When Your Car Talks to You!

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When Your Car Talks to You!
By: Luke Shaff ~ 1/18/2024

When your car talks to you - it is extremely important to listen.  Here is a check list of the lights from your car dash board, and what them mean!



Check Engine Light

This light tells you the engine computer is reporting trouble codes.  Something is wrong!  When you see this light, take your car to Luke's - where his team of mechanics can help diagnose what repairs may be required.




Oil Pressure Warning Light

This light tells you there is a loss of oil pressure.  Continuing to drive your car with this light on, may cause more damage to your engine.





Battery Charging Alert

This warning light is telling you the voltage level is below normal.  The charing system isn't working correctly.  Time to check your battery.




Coolant Temperature Warning

The temperature warning light tells you when the cooling system isn't working correctly.  your car is running too hot.  You can do further damage, if you don't stop the car to give it a chance to cool off.  Then, take it to Lukes, so he and his team can fix it for you!




Brake System Warning

When you see this light, there are one of three things happening.  Your parking brake is on, the braking system or brake fluid is low, or the ABS is having a problem.





TPMS - Tire Pressure Monitoring System

This warning light turns on when there is problem with the air pressure in one of your tires.  It will also turn on when the battery for the system needs to be changed.