5 Questions to Choose the Best Mechanic

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5 Questions to Choose the Best Mechanic
By: Luke Shaff ~ 6/23/2022

We always have the question in our mind when deciding if we are making the best choices for the things in our lives. Did we pick the best schools, did we pick the right choice at work, did we pick the right thing for dinner, did I pick the right mechanic? Here are some questions to ask a mechanic when trying to find the right one!

  1. Have you worked on my make and model of car before?  This is an important question to ask to ensure that the mechanic is well versed with your car. If the mechanic says no, ask follow up questions of if they have worked with similar cars or what research they will do to find the resources to help fix their car.

  2. Can I speak to other customers for reference? If a car mechanic says yes, then you know that they are not hiding anything, and that they are open to admitting they made mistakes if there are bad reviews and they are proud of their good reviews. If a mechanic says no, then the mechanic might not have the best reviews and might not be as trustworthy. Always check their website and their other reviews on the internet to see what other experiences have been.

  3. Will you explain to me details of other repairs? Hopefully, you have had this experience, but most people have probably had the opposite. If you bring in your car for an oil change and then they find a different issue, fix it, and then tell you after the fact and you owe more money than initial. It is important for the customer to ensure how those issues will be communicated before getting work done on the car. It is also very imperative for the mechanic to not do any extra work before talking with you first.
  4. Another great question to ask is what automotive associations do you belong to? This can ensure and back up that they are associated and are official and they are not just someone off the street trying to make some money, that they are reliable. Most associations require their business to follow a code of ethics and rules. You can also ask for reviews through the association which can also help with their credibility.
  5. Lastly, the most important question to ask would be, will I be getting a DETAILED invoice at the end of the work. Of course, most places will give you an invoice, but getting a detailed invoice is important so you know specifically what everything costed and what work was done on your car. Keep these records for yourself and also if you ever have to take your car somewhere else, they know specifically what was done as well.

We as a mechanic company hit all these points for our clients. We have worked on a lot of cars (including classics), and will tell you if we do not know something. Our customer reviews are all on our website along with our Facebook page, which are all public information. We will always call you if we find something that was not on the original plan to fix. We will give you our advice if it is worth fixing that time around, and we will always support your decision to fix or not. We belong to NAPA Auto Care Center with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. At the end of every repair, we will always give you a detailed invoice on what we did and how much it cost. We give you a copy of this and we keep a copy ourselves in case of any questions. An estimate is given on a presumption of possible facts. You can call us for a free estimate any day of the week Monday - Friday.