Winter Car Care Tips for Older Vehicles

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Winter Car Care Tips for Older Vehicles
By: Luke Shaff ~ 11/9/2022

GreenHornetInShop.jpgIdeally, before the temperature dropped you brought your older vehicle in for routine auto maintenance.  During your appointment, an auto repair specialist was able to advise you on any upcoming repairs or suggestions that can help your car this winter, including getting an oil change.

However, if winter crept up on you and you didn't take your car in for a tune-up, be sure to keep your eye out for a few things.


If you find that your car tends to stall a lot or has trouble starting during the cold months of the year, then it probably has to do with the battery. Cold weather is really harsh on batteries.  Have your battery checked, along with the charging system.

Maintain the Cooling System

As a general rule of thumb, your entire cooling system should be cleaned, flushed out and antifreeze replaced every two years.  If you only use water in your radiator, you run the risk of it freezing during cold temperatures.  Make sure you use the right mix of water and antifreeze for your climate.

Check Your Wipers, Heaters, and Defrosters

Given the heavy amount of rain that the Redmond area gets each winter, it's especially important that you check your wipers.  Wipers should be replaced every six months.  For the possibility of snow and ice, consider getting winter wipers.  Winter wipers have special blades that more effectively clear your windshield for better visibility.  Cold weather washer fluid should also be used to make sure that your windshield is clear at all times.

Check it Out

Those weird sounds, annoying squeaks and mystery noises that your car makes tend to get worse in the winter.  Bring it in to make sure that they really are “nothing to worry about".  With a tune-up and diagnostics.

When you bring your classic car in during the winter, an expert can let you know if all your lights are working properly and focused where they should be.  And while a failing exhaust system can be a smelly nuisance, during the winter it is especially important to have it checked.  A broken exhaust system can be dangerous in the winter while you drive around the Redmond/Kirkland area with the windows rolled up.

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