Top 6 Summer Care Tips for Your Car

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Top 6 Summer Care Tips for Your Car
By: Luke Shaff ~ 6/9/2022


1. Check Your Cooling System
The number one cause of breakdowns during hot summers is your vehicle overheating. We recommend that you flush and refill your coolant system every two years. This system keeps your engine cool and keeps the car at optimal temperatures. If your car does overheat, it is important to remember two things 1) let your car sit for several hours to be able to cool down 2) NEVER open your radiant cap or coolant lid when the engine is hot.

2. Check and Replace Your Wiper Blades
It is important to remember that these have to be changed too! Seattle is a rainy state, and if you have a car you usually notice if these go out, but when we get these consecutive days of hot weather during the summer, it is something that most people don’t think about. Then, when it rains they might become streaky and/or break because of the lack of use.

3. Air Conditioning
You might not think this is important while living in Washington, as most days are rainy, but when it does get up to the 80’s/90’s during the summer, turning on the AC to find out that it is broken, isn’t the most ideal! Having this checked, annually, will save you a lot of discomfort for when you need it! If your AC is not getting cold, then you may have a leak and should have it checked out!

4. Check Your Battery
Remember, the most important thing to a car, your battery! Several conditions can contribute to shortening your cars battery life, one of those things being excessive heat. Battery fluid evaporates quicker when it is hot outside, and this can damage your battery.

5. Check and Service Your Tires
This is one of the most important things to check on your car on a regular basis as it keeps you going! Improperly inflated tires can cause a lot of damage up to a tire blowout. You can bring in your car for us to take a look and rotate your tires, or you can get a tire pressure check (at your nearest gas station) and check yourself! You can find what tire pressure your tires should be, on the tire. Don’t forget to check your spare tire, too!

6. Bath Time!!
Don’t forget to bathe your baby!! They deserve to be clean too! You can do this yourself with some suds and water at your house, or you can take it to your nearest car wash! Don’t forget a scent too!!