My view to Marriage

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My view to Marriage
By: Luke Shaff ~ 8/15/2018

Here is a little something i jotted down one day. Someone that day asked me about why Jan and I are still together.


A marriage is not made in heaven as some would think or lead you to believe. It is made here on earth by two people that found someone they liked and wanted to spend more time with. That time was spent growing that like into love. Loving someone does not start when you meet them, it starts with years of growing to know them and coming to the realization you really can't go on alone or without them.

A great love of life must occur before one can love themselves enough to find a true partner in their life. Unity and joy, along tears and anguish must be endured along the great path to unity with a fellow soul mate.

To live and love another person will require more than the words needed to be married, it requires true soul searching, not only to find the meaning, but to also understand your part in it all. Whether you be a Woman, or a Man, you will need to judge yourself either worthy or not of the love that will come from the future years spent looking forward.

Remember this if nothing else, Those eyes that you look in every waking moment spent with him or her are also looking back into you, and the person you have become. Try to always make their eyes smile and to never cry, even after the time of your passing. Life can be short, but with work you can and will make Love last forever. A forever Love will be your guide to that Marriage made in Heaven.