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Fuel Economy Tips From the Pros
By: Jovan Johnson ~ 6/21/2018

Luke's Automotive was part of a featured blog from Gas Revolution - 

You can view the entire blog here: https://www.gasrevolution.net/fuel-economy/

Luke's contribution to their blog:

Try holding off…
by Luke’s Automotive, Redmond, Washington
1) Biggest and foremost is to keep the tires at their correct pressures.
2) Another one that many folks forget is to Wash & Wax your vehicle on a regular basis, less air drag. And we’re not talking the car wash type of waxing, An actual hand waxing.
3) Try to time your drive with the cycle of the signal lights so there is less stop and go. Starting off takes the most energy and Jack Rabbit starts are the worst for Fuel Economy.
4) Try holding off on those quick trips to the store and such to coordinate them all into one trip. Mapping the trips out to do them in a big returning circle will save time, fuel and money.
5) Get the “Junk” out of the trunk or back seat. That extra weight adds up more than folks realize.