Auto Fluid Flushing Will Save your Car's Life

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Auto Fluid Flushing Will Save your Car's Life
By: Luke Shaff ~ 6/2/2016

Regular auto maintenance will help your vehicle last as long as possible.  A vital yet often overlooked service is regular fluid flushing. Your user manual will indicate when and how often a fluid flush is necessary.  When your vehicle runs with dirty fluids that are overdue for a flush, there's extra wear and tear because of the dirt, metal shavings and other gunk that gets in your auto fluid.  This can cause your car to die or worse, lose the ability to control your vehicle.   Transmission Fluid Flush

Whether you drive an automatic, stick shift, or semi-automatic, dirty fluid creates lubrication problems.  As the transmission fluid cycles through the engine, it accumulates waste.  Over time this causes it to thicken and turn to sludge.  The sludge can adhere to the gears, causing shifting difficulty and unsafe driving conditions.  The thickened fluid can also delay movement or cause the vehicle to suddenly surge forward due to the uneven fluid flow through the gears.

Flushing Power Steering Fluid

As you rack up the miles, the system's internal components, seals and O-rings will begin to wear out.  As they do so, tiny pieces will get into the power steering fluid and contaminate it.  If not flushed, the tiny pieces of debris will take on a shrapnel-like effect, gradually wearing the system's metal components and parts.  Left unchanged, the fluid can eventually cause irreparable damage to the steering rack, resulting in costly auto repairs.

Radiator - Coolant Flush

Your coolant comprises a mix of water and anti-freeze and acts as your engine's thermostat.  If your vehicle ever overheats with smoke coming out of the hood, it's likely due to failure to flush the coolant.  It's the coolant that keeps the engine cool during a scorching summer and warm in a frosty winter.

Like the transmission and power steering fluid, the coolant degrades over time as it accumulates debris and waste.  The coolant can also dip to dangerously low levels and elevate the risk of blowing a gasket or destroying your radiator.

Fluid Flushing by a Certified Mechanic in Redmond

Provided that you follow the guidelines outlined in your car's user manual, fluid flushing in Redmond can be a DIY task.  However, if you want to be absolutely certain that the job is done right, leave the flushing to an auto maintenance service.  An auto repair company will perform a complete inspection and let you know if any of the fluids need to be flushed.  Furthermore, an auto technician will only use the correct, quality fluids for your vehicle's make and model.

Forget a weekend covered in grease and sweat changing your transmission, brake, radiator and power steering fluids. For fluid flushing in Redmond performed by a certified mechanic, contact Luke's Automotive.

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