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General Automotive Safety
By: Luke Shaff ~ 3/8/2018

Good Day folks! Glad to see everyone is alive and well today.

We here have a favor to ask of all the folks driving their new cars!! PLEASE read the Owner's Manual. There is a switch that for the most part is on the left side of the steering wheel area. It is called the "Head Lamp" switch.

In the last 15 nights we have seen more the 20+ vehicles going down the road (at night and in the rain) with only the daytime running lights on. That equates to no running/parking lights in the rear or side marker lights. Just because your dash lights are on does not mean the head lights are on. There is a brightness difference between the daytime and normal headlights as well. This will make night time driving in the rain a much safer operation, not just for you but for your fellow motorists.

Safe travel starts with you!