From an Auto Repair Shop`s point of view....

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From an Auto Repair Shop`s point of view....
By: Luke Shaff ~ 6/15/2017

The auto repair industry has changed drastically in the last 20-30 years.   What used to be mechanical issues have now become mechanical/computer issues to the point where every shop must have multiple computer diagnostic tools to “talk” with today’s cars.   These diagnostic “tools” can be very expensive with constant updates because cars are changing every year.  The mechanic must have the expertise to be able to understand what these diagnostic tools are displaying plus how they apply to the mechanical side of the vehicle.   This is what diagnosing a vehicle is all about.
An auto repair business is mostly about time (labor):  the time it takes to diagnose a problem, then estimate the cost to fix the problem, then to actually fix the problem.   We don’t charge the time it takes to do a quick diagnosis or to estimate possible repairs, even though it can take a considerable amount of time.
When a mechanic spends an hour or 2 diagnosing a problem or problems for a customer, isn’t it fair that we should be reimbursed for at least part of that time?   The mechanic certainly expects to be paid, as they should, but if there is no money coming in, how does that happen? 
We value all of our customers and do not take advantage of anyone in any way shape or form.   However, how do we stay in business if there is time being spent, but money not coming in?  Something to think about….