Road Trip anyone?

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Road Trip anyone?
By: Luke Shaff ~ 6/1/2017

Okay Folks,

RoadTripBlogPostJune2017_s.jpgI see by the calendar it's time to start thinking about those road trips. Here are some small things to consider "Before" you pack up and hit the road.

  1. How are those tires? Got air, tread, jack and handles, spare tire? Where is the lock for the wheels if you have one. I recommend putting it in the center console or glove box so you don't have to unload the vehicle just to get to it.
  2. Get that oil changed, wiper blades replaced as needed, and top all of those fluids. When was the last time you, yes i said you, checked the belts and hoses?
  3. A big one here, but overlooked all the time. Clean them windows!! You will thank yourself for doing it. Take the cleaning stuff with you if there is a spot open.
  4. Last but no least, Have a great time. Get a bit of extra sleep the night before, with no adult beverages!! Leave early and expect to get back late, helps to keep the stress levels down.

Hoping for a safe round trip for all you folks who hit the road this season. Have a Grand time.
Luke,  Luke's Automotive

p.s. Where did you put those darn sunglasses?!!