Signs Your Car Engine Needs Maintenance

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Signs Your Car Engine Needs Maintenance
By: Luke Shaff ~ 5/4/2017

Every good car owner knows that proper and regular engine maintenance is vitally important in order to keep your vehicle running. Travel throughout the holidays may have put a lot of extra stress on your engine. So make sure your auto repair specialist spends some extra time on it. Having a professional examine your engine regularly is important. Also, it’s very important to take your car to a shop if you notice irregularities in its performance. Here are three signs that your car may need engine maintenance.

Loud Noises

Your car should never make loud noises. This is particularly true for your engine. If you notice a loud knocking sound when speeding up or slowing down, it could mean that your engine bearings need to be replaced. If you hear this sound, take your car to an auto shop immediately, so an auto technician can inspect your engine. Waiting can do a lot of damage to the inside of your motor.

Increased Exhaust

While a little bit of noticeable exhaust coming out of your car is normal, an increase in visible emissions could indicate that there is an issue with your engine. You might also notice a change in the color of your exhaust—either blue, white, or black. Make sure you discuss this change with your auto technician when you take your car for service and repair.

Reduced Power

You might also need car maintenance if you notice a decrease in your engine power. This is easiest to notice while attempting to accelerate your vehicle, especially on the highway. If your car seems to struggle to reach higher speeds, it means something isn’t right with your engine. Take it to get checked out right away.

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