How to Make Your Car Transmission Last Longer

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How to Make Your Car Transmission Last Longer
By: Luke Shaff ~ 4/20/2017

Having reliable transportation is very important for your lifestyle.  After all, you need a way to take the kids to school, travel to work, and go to the grocery store.  A working car requires a working transmission.  These can be costly to have an auto repair specialist repair or replace.  The good news?  You can do actually several things that to help extend the life of your car transmission.  Here are a few pieces of advice you definitely want to keep in mind.

1. Service Your Car Regularly

It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day hustle and bustle, but don't let changing the oil in your car slip your mind.  Make time to visit your auto shop for regular oil and filter changes.  While you're doing this, have your auto technician flush your car's transmission, as well as make adjustments to the bands.

2. Use Synthetic Fluid

When you go in for car service and repair, make sure your auto specialist uses a synthetic fluid.  Synthetic fluids last much longer and have better resistance to heat.  Your technician should be able to recommend the appropriate fluid for your vehicle and lifestyle.

3. Get a Good Transmission Cooler

Part of good car maintenance is investing in the right parts.  Make sure you have a good car transmission cooler, because heat can do a lot of damage.  Built-in fans are worth the extra cost up front, because running hot can cut your car transmission's life in half.

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