Catalytic Converter Safety Tips

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Catalytic Converter Safety Tips
By: Luke Shaff ~ 8/25/2022


Catalytic converter thefts remain a problem around Redmond and the Eastside. The catalytic converter is part of the car's exhaust system, and help to pass emission inspections. Some cars even have more than one catalytic converter! Coverters contain precious metals such as platinum and rhodium - these metals make me think of engagment rings - not cars!

Some cars that are easier target for catalytic converter theft are:

Toyota Prius - they have two converters
Cars parked on the street
Trucks - since they are higher vehicles and easier to reach the converter


  • Be careful and mindful of where you park. Park in a locked garage when you can.
  • If you park in your driveway - consider add motion sensor lights - or a ring video camera.
  • If you do experience a theft - let the police know. Your theft may be part of something larger going on.
  • Check your car insurance policy. Ask your agent if you have comprehensive coverage - which may cover events such as theft.

Be safe out there!