Four Facts About Car Tires You Should Know

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Four Facts About Car Tires You Should Know
By: Luke Shaff ~ 2/23/2017

Facts About Car Tires You Should KnowIf you drive, then you should know just how important it is to take care of your car tires.  Not only will good tire maintenance keep you safer on the road, it will help your car last longer and perform better.  Here are four facts you should know about car tires that will help keep your vehicle out of the auto shop!

1. Check Car Tires as Seasons Change

Did you know that the temperature outside impacts the air in your tires?  Well, it does. In fact, a temperature shift of only 10 degrees can impact the pressure in your car tires.  Driving with lower tire pressure can be dangerous, especially in inclement weather.  That's why it's good practice to check the pressure in your tires as the seasons change throughout the year.

2. Rotate Your Car Tires

As you drive, the tires on your car wear down.  The wear seen on each of your four tires will differ slightly and impact the way your car moves, as well as how long your tires will last.  You should have an auto technician rotate your car tires every 5000 to 7000 miles to help them last longer.

3. Put New Tires on the Back

Your rear tires are what helps you maintain control of your vehicle, especially when it's raining or icy.  So, when it comes times to pick up new tires, make sure you put them on the back of your car-even if it is a front-wheel drive car.

4. Check Your Tire Tread Depth Often

Just like your gym shoes need good tread to keep you from sliding around on the court, car tires need good tread to keep from sliding on wet and icy roads.  Add checking the depth of your tire treads to your monthly car maintenance routine.

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