Why is Tire Pressure So Important?

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Why is Tire Pressure So Important?
By: Luke Shaff ~ 2/9/2017

Tire pressure helps to improve the mileage of your car.  If your tires aren't properly inflated, they can cut your fuel economy.  Ensuring that your tires are properly inflated is part of regular auto maintenance.

When tires are properly inflated, they're safer and last longer, making proper tire pressure a key component of maintaining your car.  Over-inflated tires are also unsafe and wear out prematurely, albeit differently than under-inflated tires.

How and Why Tire Pressure Drops

Tires lose roughly one pound or 2% of air pressure per month with normal driving and more with hazardous driving conditions, like inclement weather or hitting curbs and potholes.  The weather, as well as altitude, also affect tire pressure, so it's important to test for proper inflation fairly frequently, as part of your routine auto maintenance.  Check your tire pressure once a month at minimum depending on your location, weather and driving habits.

When to Check Your Tire Pressure

Check the tires when they're cold and haven't been warmed up by driving.  Rather than just judging by looking or kicking, follow the inflation guidelines provided by your car owner's manual or the tire information label that can be located on the doorjamb, in your glove compartment, inside your fuel door or on the underside of the trunk lid.  The information found on the tire's sidewall is for the tire, not the car. Some newer cars also come with tire pressure monitoring systems.  Knowing what your tire pressure should be is part of maintaining your car so that it runs at its best.

By checking your tire pressure once a month as part of regular maintenance, you'll increase gas mileage as well as reduce emissions.

Luke's Redmond Auto Repair is happy to check your tire pressure as part of a regular tune-up or if the indicator near your check engine light lights up.

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