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Winter Car Maintenance Tips
By: Luke Shaff ~ 1/26/2017

When your car breaks down on the side of the road, it's bad.  But it's much, much worse when this happens in the middle of winter, during a raging storm.  Now that the winter months are nearly here, it's important for you to prepare your car for colder temperatures and harsher weather conditions.  To help ensure you and your car are safe this winter, here are four car maintenance services you should discuss with your auto repair specialist right away.

1. Check Your Lights

Winter doesn't just mean colder weather, it also means darker days.  While your commute to and from work may have been bright and sunny during the summer, it may well be pitch black this winter.  Stop by your auto shop to check out all of your car's lights right away.  This will keep you and others on the road safe this winter.

2. Volt Test Your Battery

Cold weather can really do a number on your car battery.  Batteries tend to work better in warmer conditions.  So if you've put off replacing yours for a while, go ahead and do it now.  At least talk with an auto technician about checking your battery's voltage to ensure you're ready to travel this winter.  Make sure you arrange to do any other car services and repairs you've been neglecting as well.

3. Check Your Cooling System

Good car maintenance requires regular checks on your cooling system, but it's a good idea to give it another look before the cold really sets in.  While you probably won't be using your air conditioner this winter, you do want to ensure coolant levels aren't low and that your car isn't leaking antifreeze.  Doing this now can keep your engine from freezing when temperatures start to drop.

4. Inspect Your Warranties

Car service and repair can be expensive, so it's important that the auto shop you choose offers some form of warranty on the work they do.  The only thing worse than finding out your car wasn't repaired properly, is having to pay additional money for it.  Always look for time-based or mile-based warranties.

Need Service Done on Your Car Before Winter Sets In?

Luke's Automotive can help you and your car prepare for the colder winter months ahead!  Whether you're looking for general service or need specific maintenance done on your car, we can help.  With our extensive list of quality services, including tire replacement, general inspections, engine diagnostics, and break repair, we're sure to have you ready for winter in no time.

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