Winter Safety Tips for Tires

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Winter Safety Tips for Tires
By: Luke Shaff ~ 12/15/2016

Now that the holidays are over, cold weather has set in fast.  Are your car tires ready for the winter season?  It's imperative that you make sure your tires can handle the strain of freezing temperatures and harsh road conditions.  It's always a good idea to speak with an auto repair specialist about your tires as the seasons change. So make an appointment right away.  Here are several great tips for your car tires this winter to help keep you and your vehicle safe.

1. Visually Inspect Car Tires Often

As a rule, you should visually inspect your car tires at least once a month during the winter.  Look for decreased tire tread and cracking.  If you notice either, take your car to an auto shop right away to have an auto technician take a look.  It's better to replace your tires early than to have an accident or become stranded during a snow storm.

2. Know the Difference Between Tires

Not all tires are the same. In fact, you may want to have your car service and repair shop trade in your all-season tires for winter tires.  These tires have a deeper tread for more controlled driving and traction.  Winter tires have also been rated to withstand colder temperatures, whereas all-season tires may harden if exposed to intense cold.

3. Remember to Check the Tire Pressure

Regular car maintenance is even more important during the winter, when conditions are inherently more dangerous.  Take the extra time to check your tire pressure at least once a week.  When your tire pressure is incorrect, you will lose valuable traction while driving, putting you, your passengers, and your vehicle at risk.

Think You Might Need New Tires this Winter?

If you think you might need new tires this winter, or simply aren't sure if your car is ready for cold weather traveling, come to Luke's Automotive. We can get your car set for inclement weather, as well as discuss additional winter safety tips with you.

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