Winter Accessories for Your Car

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Winter Accessories for Your Car
By: Luke Shaff ~ 12/1/2022

Already this week we got snow here in Seattle!  We want you all to be prepared for what is to come this winter.

Here are some accessories that you can add on to your car that will keep you warm and safe for your winter drives whether that be just to work or to visit family for the holiday days.

1. Cozy Electric Car Blanket. This is a hot product and you plug it into your car charging port and you use it just like a heated blanket. This is perfect for winter trips, car trips, or even RV trips. It is also perfect if you have that one person who is always cold

2. Winter Emergency Kit. You should have this always while driving in your car, just in case something happens. For winter time you may want to put things in it like hand and feet warmers, and bigger band-aids.

3. Do not forget your ice scraper and your snow brush! You can find these easily on Amazon and you find ones that are longer and more durable than your credit card on those early mornings.

4. Wildlife Whistle. If you are making a long trek where you know there is wildlife, you can buy whistles that emit an ultrasonic sound that only deers and wildlife can hear if going more than 35 MPH. This helps keep you safe and the deer safe.

5. Always have back up clothes, and winter gear, along with water and canned foods. It is always a good idea to have these thing in case you get stranded, you can at least stay warm.

6. Snow chains and an extra battery. These will help in the tough snow and if your battery dies, you do not have to wait for a tow truck or any one to come out and try to help you.

Always make sure that you start gathering these things now during the time when it is just starting to get cold, because if you wait too long, then it might be too late and you may find yourself in a bit of a pickle. Prepare yourself now and always prepare for the worst to come.