Four Signs You Need General Auto Repair Services

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Four Signs You Need General Auto Repair Services
By: Luke Shaff ~ 10/20/2016

We all know how vital it is to take care of our cars, but it's easy to postpone that trip to the auto shop with the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.  It can be hard to remember when you had your last oil change, inspection, or tune-up.  After all, car maintenance is a lot to keep up with!  As a result, we sometimes wait too long and our cars start showing some very obvious signs that it's time for an inspection and/or general auto repair services. Make sure you don't miss these important indicators:

1. Dashboard Warnings Are Lit

Warning lights are intended to draw your attention to potential problems with your car.  If you have flashing, blinking, or constantly lit dashboard warnings, you should see an auto technician as soon as possible so these issues can be addressed.

2. Brakes Make Noise When Stopping

If you hear a squealing or grinding sound when stopping, it may be an indicator that your brake pads are worn or that your brake rotor has been damaged.  Well-maintained brakes are essential for your safety and the safety of others, so seek professional advice as soon as possible.

3. Fluids Leak While Parked

If you've noticed there are large brown or greenish spots under your car after being parked, it's likely you're leaking oil or radiator fluid.  While these spots might be the result of minor maintenance issues, the problem could be, or possibly lead to, a much larger issue.

4. Noises Occur When Driving

When your car makes loud groaning or growling sounds while in motion, there may be an issue with your tires or wheel bearing.  These sounds can mean it's time for new tires, which is an easy fix, but a bad wheel bearing will require more attention.

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