Three Reasons Why You Should Get an Oil Change Every 3,000 Miles

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Three Reasons Why You Should Get an Oil Change Every 3,000 Miles
By: Luke Shaff ~ 9/22/2016

If you're planning on doing any traveling this summer, you'll definitely want to get an oil change before setting out.  In fact, you should expect to change your oil at least every 3,000 miles driven.  Why do you need to change the oil so often?  Here are three great reasons to stay on top of your car maintenance.

1. Oil Lubricates Your Engine

Your engine is the key element that makes your vehicle go.  As a result, you want to ensure that it's working properly at all times.  By changing your oil regularly, you'll ensure that your engine is staying properly lubricated.  This is important because if parts of the engine are not lubricated, they can begin to wear on one another.  This friction causes damage and overheating, which can cause your engine to cease. Getting an oil change will protect your engine and save you a lot of money in the long run.

2. Oil Protects Internal Parts from Rust

Rust is one of the main, naturally occurring processes that can really do damage to your vehicle's internal parts.  By keeping clean, fresh oil pumping through your system, you can ensure that you're protecting your car's internal parts from rust.  If you think you may be having problems with rusting parts, speak with an auto technician to have this checked out as soon as possible.  Some simple cleaning and fresh oil may just do the trick!

3. Oil Helps Keep Your Vehicle Cool

One of the lesser known facts about getting regular oil changes is that it helps keep your car running at the appropriate temperature.  There is no feeling more frustrating than having to stop to let your car cool down.  Often, this is a result of not keeping your car's oil change up to date.

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