Car Care Tips to Pass on to Your Teenager

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Car Care Tips to Pass on to Your Teenager
By: Luke Shaff ~ 9/8/2016

It's back to school time, and if you have kids in high school or college, they may be commuting to class in their own car.  Your teenager may have their license and know how to drive, but do they know how to perform a basic auto maintenance inspection?  Part of being a responsible driver is knowing how to care for your vehicle. Before your children drive to campus on their first day of school, be sure to pass on these car care tips to them.

1. Tire Inspection

A flat tire is the number one cause of a car breakdown.  Be sure your child checks his tire pressure at least once a month.  This should also include a visual inspection for flat spots, cracks in the sidewall, and tread wear.  Lastly, changing a flat tire is a basic hands-on skill your child should know.  This includes using the car jack, using a lug wrench, pulling out the flat and replacing it with the spare.  Learning this skill can save money and avoid a dangerous situation.

2. Listen to the Car

Advise your child to "listen and look".  Listen for irregular engine sounds, such as the pitch or volume being higher than usual. Other warning sounds include scraping, clunking, banging and squealing.  You should also go over the vehicle manual with your kid to ensure she's able to identify each dashboard light and its meaning.

3. Watch the Gas Gauge

You'll be surprised how many people get stranded each year due to an empty gas tank.  Teach your children not to be one of those people who wait until the needle on the gauge is nearly touching the “E" to fill up.

4. Know the Locations of Nearby Auto Repair Shops

Your child should know the location of auto shops near their home and campus.  If your children attends school locally, be sure they're familiar with Luke's Automotive.  Aside from repairs, our technicians can impart valuable auto advice and car care tips to

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