The Automotive version of `The sock in the Dryer`

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The Automotive version of `The sock in the Dryer`
By: Luke Shaff ~ 5/9/2019

10MMSocket05092019.jpgMost vehicles these days require metric tools. I have been in the business long enough to have both SAE and Metric tools. My tool box is split down the middle with SAE on the left and Metric on the right.

One of the strangest things is what tools going missing on a regular basis. Now you can verify this with 99 out of 100 mechanics or technicians, even with some other trade fields as well. There is one tool that seems to "Vaporize", grows legs or is pilfered more than any other item.

It is just about anything marked with ""10 mm"" on it. Most times it is the sockets that creep away when not in use. It had gotten to the point i was buying 2 at a time, just to keep up! I do not get the opportunity to turn the wrenches much these days, but even with that, I'm missing three 10 mm sockets!

The only reasonable thought is that they must go hang out with all the missing socks in the world.