Recommended Car Maintenance before Traveling

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Recommended Car Maintenance before Traveling
By: Luke Shaff ~ 8/11/2016

With warmer weather just around the corner, it'll be vacation time before you know it.  Maybe you've got an exciting family beach trip planned or have been looking forward to an epic cross-county expedition with your friends.  Whatever your summer vacation plans, make sure you set aside time for car maintenance before you hit the road.  In all the hustle and bustle, it can sometimes be easy to forget to have you car checked out by a professional before setting out.  Don't chance getting stranded before reaching your destination!  To help, here are some things to have an auto technician to check before you travel.

1. Tire Service

Without four functioning tires (and a spare, just in case!), you won't get very far down the road.  As such, it's important to have a professional conduct a tire inspection before your trip.  Uneven wear or improper inflation can cause serious problems on the road, as well as reduced gas mileage.  You may also need your tires rotated or realigned for safer driving and longer tire life.

2. Battery Maintenance

Unlike the Energizer Bunny, your car won't just keep going and going and going without proper battery maintenance.  It's important to check that your car battery is still going strong and that the terminals are clean.  You can get advice from an auto service company on how to do this or have a professional do it for you.

3. Car Maintenance for Brakes

Brakes are important, and you sure don't want them malfunctioning while traveling.  This is why it's vital you have an auto technician check your car's brake pads prior to your departure to ensure safe travels.  Checking brake fluid is also recommended.

Need some car maintenance before you hit the road with family and friends this summer?  Luke's Automotive will help get your car ready for the trip of a lifetime!  You can trust our quality car maintenance and auto repair services.

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