Car Battery Care Tips for the Summer

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Car Battery Care Tips for the Summer
By: Luke Shaff ~ 7/14/2016

Is the summer heat taking a toll on you?  If so, it's also likely sucking the life out of your car battery, too.  While people often associate cold weather with shortened battery life, scorching temperatures can also deal damage.  Heat causes battery fluid evaporation, which can damage the internal structure and cause premature wear.  With the right summer car battery care, you'll ensure your vehicle doesn't fail to start at the most inopportune moment.

While we recommend leaving the maintenance to an auto repair service, you can perform a DIY inspection if you're no stranger to looking under the hood.

Proper Battery Maintenance

  • If your car battery is of the variety that needs to be topped off, inspect the levels regularly and add distilled water when needed.
  • Keep the top portion of the battery clean. Dirt and debris can become a conductor that drains additional power. Corrosion on the terminals also becomes an insulator that inhibits current flow.
  • Test the electrolyte level of each cell in the battery using a hydrometer, which can be obtained at your local automotive shop. Watch this video for a tutorial on how to use a hydrometer.
  • Remove the battery and inspect for signs of cracking, leaking, and bulging. Have it replaced if any of these signs of wear are present.

Leave the Inspection to Luke's Automotive

To be certain about your car battery's health, take it to our auto maintenance shop.  Depending on factors like age and frequency of use, we can give it a recharge or recommend a replacement.  Whether you leave the work to a mechanic or do it yourself, summer car battery care is essential for maintaining smooth vehicle operation.

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