Winterization for your car - Part 2

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Winterization for your car - Part 2
By: Luke Shaff ~ 11/29/2018

Winterization for your car is very important to help you prepare in advances for the upcoming snow and black ice in the roads. Winter driving condition can be challenging to your car. It is important to prepare for the challenge in a hazardous race. Nowadays automobile industry is really modernized to withstand and support all climatic conditions but it’s always recommended to follow few basic steps to avoid chaos in a dropping temperature approaching us.

Basic Steps

  1. Check your defroster condition
  2. Pack an emergency Kit
  3. Protect your interiors
  4. Check your tank level
  5. Car shelter

6. Check defrosting system
A car defrosting system is very important for a safe drive in the cold climate. Defrosting system helps the frosted windshield and fogged rear window to defrost and gives a great visibility to the driver.
Reason for the faulty defrost in windshield may be due to Air inlet blockage, Faulty vent, Low fluid levels, Thermostat or heater core issue, Button stuck or blower issue.
Reason for the faulty defrost in rear window may be due to old rear window, broken grids or tabs or damaged defroster lines.
For all these issues taking help of an expert will give us better safety while driving.

7. Pack an emergency Kit
An emergency kit for your car should include
Jumper cables, Triangle reflectors, First-aid kit, Blanket, Flash light, Tool kit, adjustable wrench, Rain ponchos, Tarp, extra tires, pocket knife, ice scraper, gloves, snacks, water and boots.

8. Protect your interiors

a. Declutter your car by removing all the trash and papers.
b. Clean the dashboard, center console and all the buttons.
c. Clean the windows from inside.
d. Clean the seats, floor mat, remove the strains and vacuum the inter area.
e. Finish the clean-up replacing everything back, replace the air fresher and let air out if you have used many cleaning products.

9. Check your tank level
Before starting out for any trip or daily commute have a note on the fuel level so that you do not get into trouble in the middle of nowhere.

10. Car Shelter
Cold winter calls for heavy snowfall, strong winds, hail and so much more. While we prepare ourselves with woolen and boots. It also important to take care of our car from the winter. Try to rent a closed garage in the winter or use a temporary shelter available in the market to protect your car from the heavy winter.