Three Cooling System Maintenance Myths Exposed

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Three Cooling System Maintenance Myths Exposed
By: Luke Shaff ~ 6/30/2016

Your car's cooling system does exactly what its name suggests.  It keeps your engine cool.  If your engine blows and starts smoking, that's a sign that the cooling system was unable to prevent the engine from overheating.  If you're not savvy under the hood, all you need to know is that cooling system maintenance is an essential part of auto care.  There are, however, some facts circulating online about this component that is based on false auto wisdom.  

Myth 1: Coolant Dripping on the Floor Isn't a Big Deal

A small puddle on your garage floor may not seem like a cause for alarm, but it's an issue that needs your attention.  Dripping coolant could be a symptom of a radiator leak. It could also mean a tear in the hose.  Also, coolant consists of antifreeze, which contains glycerol. Glycerol is highly poisonous and can pose an environmental and safety hazard if it gets into the sewage.

Myth 2: Slow Down When Your Car Overheats

The instinctive reaction is to slow down when your car begins blowing smoke.  Auto maintenance experts, though, recommend doing the opposite by increasing the speed.  This helps to stimulate both coolant and air flow to the engine.  It also helps to turn on the heater to full blast.  The heater basically acts as a cooling cable that transfers heat away from the engine.

Myth 3: Water Is a Suitable Replacement for Antifreeze

Some people believe plain H2O is a replacement for antifreeze.  Using water, though, means your car will be running without anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives flowing through the system.  With that being said, using nothing but antifreeze isn't the best idea either.  Pure antifreeze is prone to freezing when the temperature drops. A 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze is best for your engine.

Cooling System Maintenance from a Certified Mechanic

Any device that runs on an engine is prone to overheating without some sort of mechanism in place to regulate its temperature.  This is why the cooling system is so vital and should be inspected by an auto repair technician.  For cooling system maintenance or, inspections call Luke's Automotive.

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