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Luke's Automotive were we are more than just a team of auto mechanics - we are also avid enthusiasts of other local businesses who can work on your cars, trucks, vans ... whatever you like to drive! We'd love to tell you about our recent adventure, transforming our van into something truly special with the help of three remarkable companies that share our passion for craftsmanship and creativity.

LukesVanTintedWindow07182023.jpgA Shade Above - Dean Weatherman

It's hard to find a master of automotive tinting as skilled as Dean Weatherman, the owner of "A Shade Above". Dean and his team specialize in providing custom window tinting solutions that enhance not just the look, but also the functionality of your vehicle.

In our case, both Jan and I are sensitive to bright light. Dean listened attentively to our needs, suggesting the perfect tint shade to offer us both comfort and protection. His work was not only precise but also artistically done, transforming the windows of our van into both a shield from the sun and a compliment to our van's aesthetics. A Shade Above's work made a big difference to our driving experience, making it significantly more comfortable for us light-sensitive folks.

Austin Pinstriping - Dave Austin


Dave Austin from "Austin Pinstriping" is a true artist. He took the time to understand our vision for the van and created a hand-painted pinstriping design that truly brought our ideas to life. No templates, no tape, just pure talent and a steady hand.

His pinstriping has made our van stand out on the road in the best way possible. Each line is a testament to Dave's remarkable ability to blend precision, color, creativity, and passion. Austin Pinstriping’s work has given our van a unique personality, making it not just a vehicle but a work of art.

Metropolitan Detail

A car is not just about its engine or its tires, it's also about how it looks. Jumar Newman of "Metropolitan Detail," gave our van a complete exterior detailing that left it looking even better than new.

Jumar and his team performed a deep clean, washing the van to remove every bit of dust and grime. But they didn't stop there. They also applied a professional-grade wax to bring out the luster of our van’s paintwork, accentuating the unique pinstriping done by Dave Austin. What truly amazed us was their meticulous work in sealing the pinstriping, ensuring that the artwork was preserved and protected. Now, our van not only looks fantastic but also stands up to the elements, thanks to the dedication and skill of Metropolitan Detail.

We could not be more pleased with the customization work done on our van. A Shade Above, Metropolitan Detail, and Austin Pinstriping have not only met our expectations but exceeded them. Their individual expertise came together seamlessly to create a result that was beyond what we could have ever envisioned. We highly recommend them for their professionalism, attention to detail, and above all, their commitment to achieving customer satisfaction.