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Did you know October is
By: Luke Shaff ~ 10/20/2022

Here is a Checklist to help you get prepared for Fall/Winter weather - Luke's Automotive


Heating -
Check to make sure the heaters & defrost are working properly

Wipers & Lights -
Consider winter wiper blades and use cold-weather washer fluid. Is is recommended that the wiper blades be replaced every six months. So if it has been a while since you last changed them, now is a great time to do that!

Check to see that all exterior and interior lights work and your headlights are properly aimed.

Tires -
You want to not only check the tire tread depth but the tire pressure of all tires, including the spare.
Did you know during the winter, your tire pressure should be checked weekly.

Brakes -
Have the brakes checked. The braking system is the vehicle’s most important safety item.

Gas, Oil & Filters -
It is best to keep your gas tank at least half full throughout the cold weather to prevent moisture from forming in gas lines and possibly freezing.

Be diligent about changing the oil and filter at recommended intervals. Dirty oil can spell trouble in winter.

It is also best to check the fuel, air and transmission filters at the same time.

System Checks:
Charging, Cooling & Exhaust -
It is important to have the battery and charging system checked, cold weather is very hard on batteries.

Clean, flush and put new antifreeze in the cooling system. As a rule of thumb, this should be done every two years.

Pack the Essentials -
Ice scraper
Leave/Snow Brush
First aid kit
Jumper cables
Snacks/Nonperishable Food
Bottled Water
Extra Clothes

Give us call or stop by if you should need any help getting your car ready for Fall!