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Road Trip Tips and Tricks!
By: Luke Shaff ~ 7/9/2020

If COVID-19 has taken a toll on you, and you are looking for the perfect getaway while social distancing and being safe…we suggest you take a road trip!  Here are some road trip tips and tricks before you hit the road for your vacation! 

  1. Pack an emergency kit!  No matter where you travel it is always a good idea to pack an emergency kit.  This should have bottled water, non-perishable food (granola bars/canned food...etc), extra socks, hat and scarf, blankets, flashlights, and fresh batteries.  This way if you ever break down somewhere you always have something to survive on until help comes.
  2. Always have spare tools kit in your car.  This should have spare tools (wrenches, screwdrivers, hammer...etc) to help in Road Trip Tips and Tricks!case something in your car breaks.  You should always have jumper cables in your car as well, so you have something in case your battery dies you have a way to have someone help you.
  3. Before taking your car on a road trip, you will want to double check a couple of maintenance things.  You will want to check your oil and change it if necessary.  It is always important to check your tire pressure as well!  Ensure that your windshield wiper fluid is full and that your wipers are clean.  It is always a good idea to check all your headlights and taillights to make sure that everything is working!
  4. To have a fun and relaxing car vacation, you will want to ensure your car is clean on the inside (and out if necessary).  Bring an empty grocery bag to have for a trash bag, and make sure to load up your phone with some fun songs.  Don’t forget to stop at the nearest gas station to load up on some road trip snacks and drinks!

Here are some road trip ideas to take within Washington State to start your summer!

  • Diablo Lake, WA
  • Westport, WA
  • Lake Chelan, WA
  • Olympic National Pak, WA
  • The Cascade Loop

  Road Trip Tips and Tricks!